So sometimes, something happens, and you just know you have made the right decision. My first week in my new job was just that! I have always wanted to work in the emergency department. Anyone who knows me knows that I am partial to medical stuff -particularly carnage, and my first day has reaffirmed that I belong with the crazy chaos that DEM (department of emergency medicine) entails.

One of the first patients that came in on day one, via ambulance was a homeless man who had some chest pain, due largely to his social situation. He was admitted and taken to a room for treatment. … all standard stuff up until this point. Not too far behind him came his partner, and at this stage the story becomes much more interesting.

She arrived amidst much commotion… a very small statured woman (not sure if the term midget is sooo politically incorrect as to not be used) – but I would say barely one metre high – belt buckle height on me I would think. She was being dragged – cartoon style- through the doors by a very large (shoulder height on her) Pitt bull “service dog” belonging to our patient.

The dog was thrilled and delighted to be visiting a new place, and other than being incredibly enthusiastic, was a very nice animal. The woman attached to him, and being dragged through the department was not. … she was shown to the bay (luckily for the dog, one with doors) that her partner was being treated in, and very promptly made herself what can only be described as a nest, in the corner of the room. She got comfy, snuggled in and had a nap on the floor with the dog!

At some point during the morning, and while the gentleman was being treated, things went awry and the woman was asked to leave. She did not take kindly to the suggestion and needed to be escorted by two incredibly burly security guards. I have to confess to knowing a whole lot of the words she was using to describe the staff she encountered on her way out, but I did also learn a whole bunch of new ones. It was an insanely memorable morning and one I will be talking about for some time to come!

All of the staff I have encountered so far have been lovely, and I am learning something new every day – I do have to confess to feeling quite overwhelmed with the workload a couple of times, but I know that will get better with time and experience. There is still a whole bunch of anxiety about doing full time shift work for me – I am working my first weekend shift today, but in terms of the clientele- I think I have found my people! I love the variety of things that come through the doors. I love the chaos and the crazy, and I am fascinated by the carnage! …. Hopefully now the rest of it falls into place and I settle in the way I would like, but all in all, not a bad start!

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