So I decided last week that I need to park all the negative emotions that came with Christmas and just get on with life. There isn’t anything I can do to change what happened or the fall out from it, and hanging on to all that stuff has just not been doing anything good for me. Sometimes parking it is easier said than done, but I’m doing my best.

Having made that decision, I actually had quite a nice week. I gave myself plenty of time to rest, but I also went out and did some fun things. I went and got my finger and toe nails painted a super cheery hot pink – it makes me smile when I look at the colour! I spent time with great people, and I went out to see a musical called Six – all about the wives of Henry VIII. It’s been fun.

I had my last week for the next little while doing the late start/finish shift at work, something that has been a huge struggle for me the last couple of months. Starting Monday I am moving into another role (in the same place) and I am very happy that it has an earlier start/finish time and my world will go back to easier for me. It sounds silly when I say it, plenty of people work 9.30-5.30 without complaining, but when you get up any time from about 3am, it makes for a very long day! 7-3 is much more my style, and I am looking forward to learning another part of the process that our patients go through.

My very very favourite part of the week tho, has been to babysit my grandson for the first time. His parents went out for a lovely dinner and I was left in charge of the little man. I have to say that there is nothing better at all!! … it does come with some bittersweet – I wish that Claytie was here to meet him, he would just be sooooo delighted. I did spend some time telling baby all about his granddaddy and how much they would love each other, but mostly it was just squishy cuddles.

This coming week will be another busy one, and I am looking forward to it. I have some fun things planned with fabulous people and my German relatives are also coming back for a visit which I am excited about. It’s hard resetting myself all the time, but I guess it’s just part of the process of figuring out who I am now while living a life I didn’t choose and trying to make the best of it all.


  1. Rachel Davies says:

    How good are granny cuddles ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. robbieja says:

      100% the best!!


  2. Matt Russell says:

    Good on you to move on and focus on you. Enjoy the new role at work and take care Robbie

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