This week has been another busy one in my world… the weekend especially! I went out for dinner and drinks on Friday with some old friends and the guy I have been spending time with. It was such a nice night mixing my old and new worlds, and best of all it was easy! I know not everyone in my friend circle will be so accepting or make it as easy as this was; and while part of me understands that – they all knew and loved Claytie, he is gone and I have to find happiness where I can. There have been so very many changes in my world in the last 28 months, especially in my friendship circles, it is really nice when I can make new pieces fit with the old. The picture will never look the same, but it is still a nice picture.

Speaking of pictures and finding happiness, Saturday night a group of widowed friends and I went out for an ABBA tribute show. Those of you who know me particularly well will know that I am pretty partial to ABBA, and I do love a theme! Our whole group decided to go dressed in our 70’s best and head out to dinner before the show! We had the best time!!! We were the only ones who put in the effort and looked amazing! Our fellow diners certainly thought so based on the number of comments and compliments we received! Even the band commented on our dedication when we paraded through the room to get to the dance floor! … it was fabulous!

Cheers to ABBA!

The downside of all the fun stuff tho is that Sundays are then also jam packed with all the things that haven’t been done. Hangovers and tired are not ideal when combined with groceries, washing and all those other good things… and then I have the ‘to go to work because tomorrow is Monday’ anxiety kicking in!

This week I am moving into another role at work (it’s a rotational roster) and my anxiety has been playing up because of it. I’m not worried about the role but rather the hours. It will be a late start/late finish, and I hate that! I am such an early bird – I’m usually awake any time from 3am at the moment, so it makes for a very long day! I’m also anxious about it because grand-baby number 1 will be here really soon (we have about a month to go now) and I want to be able to help out… that’s easier done with a 3pm work finish than a 5.30 one! I’m sure it will be fine, but it’s in my head! Verbalising it helps me to move through it easier, which is why I’m mentioning it here.

On another note, I can’t believe this is blog post number 60! I had no idea that I would have so much to say each week, or that so many of you would be interested in my rambling! I love that my ‘cheap therapy’ has become this thing that other people maybe get something out of. Thank you! I appreciate everyone of you much more that you could imagine.


  1. corymbia says:

    Love your ramblings! It absolutely is therapy. I still look back over my earlier blog posts and then when mine and the ones I wrote for Widow’s Voice are intermingled. You’ve almost inspired me to make a new blog post…. Maybe when school hols are here and I’m not looking down the barrel of a Year 5 excursion tomorrow morning 😩

    Liked by 1 person

    1. robbieja says:

      Enjoy the excursion… and if you do write one, I will looking forward to reading it x


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