Have you ever seen a psychic or a medium, and did you get from them what you were hoping for? I’m a big believer in this stuff – factoring in that there are quite a lot of fakes out there. I just think there are so many things in the world that are not able to be explained any other way other than in a psychic/supernatural way.

I went to see a psychic in 2018, and at the time was in two minds about the information that she gave me. All she knew about me, was my first name and phone number – so no real way to ‘research’ who I was before I got there. She was really, really good at characterising my boys and a whole bunch of other stuff, and I left the session feeling quite upbeat, but there were also some things that just didn’t fit with us at the time. I re-listened to the recording of that session just the other day, and with hindsight, she was actually incredibly spot on with a whole bunch of her predictions as well – things that at the time seemed a bit vague actually turned out just like she said. – I am still looking for the beach front property in northern NSW that she told me I would own…. but given how accurate she was with everything else, I am very hopeful that it will happen!

I have been wanting to see another Psychic since Claytie died. I think it is a very common thing that people do after a loved one dies, and I know a lot of people who have done it. You want to know that they are still around you, that they are aware of your world without them in it. There is a longing for validation that they are ok with what you are doing, and that they are guiding you in some way. Losing someone you love, whether its a partner, child, close friend or parent is so incredibly difficult and hard to make sense of, so seeing a psychic/Medium feels like you’re doing something! That is probably also the reason that there are so many scammers in the world! It is easy to target a vulnerable person – and grieving people are certainly that!

The advice I have read is that you shouldn’t do it too soon after your person is gone as they need time to ‘adjust’ to the new situation as well. I waited two years and one month – although I booked my appointment back in March of this year! The person I wanted to see was crowned Australia’s best a number of years ago, and I have seen her before in a group setting where she was very impressive. I had pretty high hopes!

I had my appointment on my day off this week. I made sure that no one would be at home with me to create any kind of disturbance or interfere in any way. The appointment (thanks to COVID) was done via face-time, something I am not necessarily a fan of at the best of times, but you do what you have to! My call was spot on in terms of timing and we started in quite a promising way….. She was pretty good in some ways, but then way off the mark in a whole lot of others!

She started by saying the Claytie wasn’t really a believer in any of this stuff, and he absolutely wasn’t – AT ALL! He thought it was all a bit of a scam and kind of crap, but indulged my thoughts and ideas about it all anyway. She knew that he died very unexpectedly and that it was his heart that did it; she knew that it happened at home. She knew that he loved his job, but would have preferred to be at home with us – and all of these things with enough detail that she could not have got from anywhere else, so it felt OK…. and then it took a turn and she completely missed the mark trying to describe Claytie. She said that he was a small man – short to average height, and a quiet person who was not great in a big social group….. he was anything but! He was a big man with a big personality – there was absolutely nothing small about Claytie at all!

She talked about the boys a little bit, and again got some stuff right – apprenticeships and promotions, personalities and relationships but then seemed to go to generic boy stuff that just has never been us, and did not fit at all! – She did mention the new baby and that Claytie had already met them and would always be watching and recognised the significance of the middle name, but got the gender completely wrong – unless my son and daughter in law have been telling fibs!

I did record the whole thing and once I’ve let the initial feelings settle I will go back and re-listen to it all again, but I was left feeling quite flat at the end of the appointment and kind of don’t know exactly how to process the whole thing. I am not sure if I had too many expectations going in based on what I know of this psychic or if it actually just wasn’t that great – maybe facetime distorted the energy and skewed the reading?! In any case, it has not stopped me believing, and if I can find the name of the person I saw years ago I will go back and see her again. In the meantime, if you have a great recommendation send it through and I will check them out as well! If nothing else, it is something different to do, and I am all about trying new things at the moment!

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