Well this week certainly brought me back down to earth with a bump! The holiday is over and it is back to work for me… and not to a shift that I like!

For the last 4 1/2 years I have worked an early shift which has been great! I wake up super early anyway and this way Ive been able to finish around 3-3.30 and still have plenty of time in the afternoon to do fun things! Not so anymore now that my position has rotated – my hours are now 9.30-5.30! Thanks to all the sick leave at work at the moment tho, I’ve only done one day of the new roster and have been back in my original spot for most of the week!

The new position (same team, just learning a new role) is fun and I think I’m really going to like it! I’m mixing with a whole bunch of different people – and one step closer to the gory medical stuff that I like, I just have to adjust my German OCD and roll with it! It also means I need to be a little bit more organised with household chores and dinner! There is no way I’m going to want to be washing clothes or cooking when I get home at 6-6.30 depending on traffic! So batch cooking here we come! The boys will also need to help … a learning curve for all of us! Thank goodness I still have my mid week day off as well! – what a first world problem to have! Haha… I am gainfully employed in a job that I like and I’m still whinging! Apparently that’s just me tho!

Something I was looking forward to and excited about this week was the advertised return to Karaoke at my local pub. They have been closed for the last month and a half or so to complete a renovation. I’ve missed going and seeing ‘my people’, but have found an alternative not too far away. It’s a very, very different set up and clientele – a much older and less affluent demographic, and while it’s been fun and they were very welcoming, I like my crew better! It’s seems tho that we’re still another week off which is a huge shame! A small group of us did end up at another venue on Saturday night tho – just to get a fix!

The other thing that I have done this week, and very much a first for me, is to sell a car – I still have one to go, but the first one is done! Since Claytie died, three of my boys have bought new cars, and we did a bit of a shuffle around. We still have Clayties car as well – currently being driven by the one son who has not bought a new car; and the deal is that if we can sell the two ‘spare’ cars, we keep Clayties car which has kind of been a big thing for the boys. Anyway, the car in question was listed on Facebook one day, and sold without any kind of hassle the next! Hopefully it is all been done the right way and I have one less thing to worry about!

Next week is another big week for us – it is Clayties birthday. I have another couple of days off work- it’s hard being around people on these big dates, not knowing how I am going to feel. I have got some stuff planned – Camp Widow is being run in Brisbane, and I heard a lot of good things about last years camp and thought I would go and see what it’s like. It is meant to be kind of a networking thing and they have a lot of guest speakers who are also all widowed. There will be a bunch of talks and some hands on workshops which will be interesting. I am also very much looking forward to catching up (hopefully) with a couple of Clayties very favourite work friends and meeting their new baby!

It’s a weird feeling planning stuff and looking forward to things knowing Claytie isn’t here. I know thats life and ‘it is what it is’, but every so often it really hits you just how wrong it feels! There isn’t anything to do but acknowledge those feelings when they come and then keep going, but so far that has not become easier at all. I guess it’s all just part of my process, so on with the big girl pants and keep marching x

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