Our final 4 days/3 nights of this adventure have seen us in Kuala Lumpur, our accomodation dilemma (see part 2) solved with me getting into Princess mode and booking a Presidential Suite at Vortex Hotel. Holy Wow is all I can say!!! Sometimes the upgrade is worth every single penny, and in this case it absolutely was!!

A central location with everything in easy reach – perfect for all of our exploring. The view was beyond spectacular – one side Centre Point Tower on the other Petronas Tower, in between a billion lights and the kings palace, in the distance Genting Highlands and Batu caves…. All of it magic!! Two levels of absolute luxury… two bedrooms and bathrooms, a full kitchen and lounge room and the most glorious deck complete with a jacuzzi! A truly epic way to finish our trip!

Our first full day in KL saw us taking advantage of the jacuzzi on our deck – Bubbles galore and just soooo decadent and indulgent! We also took advantage of the vastness of the view and embraced a bit of freedom! I loved it! It felt incredibly powerful and emotional… it was a big fat ‘Fuck you world!’

Once we decided we had wallowed and indulged ourselves enough, off we went… China Town and Central Market and a ton of shopping! I feel really sorry for my poor suitcase – it is stretched to it’s absolute limits! We also went to Masjad India and then dinner with L and J at Jalan Alore…. The colours, smells and crowds were fabulous. This was the ‘Asia’ that I had pictured in my head, although I did try to come here without any expectations wanting to be surprised and delighted by everything! The trip has absolutely exceeded any ideas that I had, although I probably haven’t been quite as brave with food choices as I might have been, but maybe that will come next time!?

China Town
Central Market
Jalan Alore

Day two saw us entertaining in our Unit. L and J came over along with another friend Z – someone else that they had all worked with on the Theme Park. Initially the plan had been to go out and meet somewhere for lunch, but with the epic view at our fingertips it would have been a waste to not use our space. It was exactly the right way to spend the day!!! We had all manner of delicious things to snack and nibble on – prawns and clams, Fried Rice, cherries and Dragon fruit, cheese and crackers, chocolate…. A proper feast!

After lunch Z drove us to her favourite Jeweller – perhaps a little bit of a dangerous thing to do!! I managed to spend quite a lot of money on a bangle that is beautiful!! I have been looking for one for ages and this felt right! This trip has made me decide that I will treat myself to some kind of trip each year (last year was Uluru for my Birthday) and a piece of jewellery- one for my birthday the other our anniversary. Claytie would probably roll his eyes, but would indulge me anyway… and this makes it feel like he’s with me in some small way!

My beautiful new bangle x

We finished the day with a Pampering session in the spa… hair treatments, face mask, bubbles and Epsom salts in the water… and of course a tiara each!! Proper girl time and such a fun thing to do! I have to say that the nervousness that I had before coming on this trip was not necessary… K and I have got along fabulously – we have laughed and cried and discussed the meaning of life! We are similar enough that it has been easy and different enough for it to be interesting… I have had a great time and I would absolutely travel with her again!!

Our final day has been spent trying to pack our suitcases and calculations for excess baggage costs… as well as one more trip to the shops haha! Neither of us is looking forward to the flight as the plane looks to be really full! Luckily we were able to negotiate staying the full day in our apartment until we need to leave for the airport, our flight isn’t until 10pm!

I have to say I have had the very, very best time on this trip. It has been beyond anything that I thought it might have been. I have been incredibly lucky to have been accepted by more wonderful people that I would never have become friends with if it wasn’t for Claytie, and I am so glad to have them in my world! Thank you K and L!!!

I am really happy that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and been brave – and this has absolutely felt like an incredibly brave thing for me to do. I have never really travelled without Claytie, but I know now that I can. I’m still not sure – in fact I know that I don’t want to travel on my own, but I absolutely want to travel a whole lot more and I am already planning where to go next… maybe Tasmania, New Zealand and definitely back to Germany at some stage – let me know if you want to come!!

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