So I had something of a crazy weekend doing all sorts of fun things that may or may not end up being posted about haha… (my mum reads this!). But my favourite thing was taking myself down to the beach for the morning, bright and early on Sunday.

I hadn’t planned on that being the thing that I did, but woke up at 6 and decided that my feet needed to feel sand and ocean, so off I went! It was spectacular! Freezing cold, I think it only got to about 12°C while I was there, but the sky was blue and the surf was wild. I took myself for a big, long walk, listening to a meditation app, followed by brekky in the surf club.

My absolutely favourite part about the morning tho was watching whales playing just behind the shark nets, incredibly close to shore. They were magnificent and plentiful. It was such a joyful thing watching them, and also seeing the enjoyment of my fellow diners and their kids catching glimpses and squealing.

I loved the whole thing so much that I booked to do another whale watching experience this week! This time I found a friend to come with me, and the nerves around motion sickness were not nearly as bad as the first time I did it! Plenty of travel calm, pressure point bands and ginger bikkies… I was good to go!

We set off bright and early- the German in me needing to get there with plenty of time to spare! Following some brekky, and contemplation of the morning ahead, we were able to board, and decided to sit right up on the top deck. Rugged up in warm jackets and scarves off we went! The sun was shining, the waves were big and the whales took a little while to find, but when we did they were abundant. We spent about an hour or so floating in the middle of a 9 (or so) pod of juvenile humpback whales. They were fabulous!

We were so close to them that you could hear them every time they came up to breathe. It was a sound that raised goosebumps and I’ll never forget. It was hard to know where to look – they were all around us, and at least 200 photos were taken to be sorted through later. It was ‘feel-alive’ magic, and I’m pretty sure I’ll go at least a couple more times this season. It was absolutely the perfect way to spend a day off… if you’ve never had the chance to go you should definitely add it to your bucket list xx

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