So I mentioned the other week that a friend of mine had set me up to go on a blind date with a colleague of his. I okayed the exchanging of phone numbers, and the chap and I stared chatting. He seemed nice enough and the conversation was not difficult to maintain…. Talking to some people can be like pulling teeth, this did not feel like that.

We decided that an actual meeting should probably happen, and a date was arranged. It was going to be convenient for both of us to meet after work and before trivia as that venue is close to his work, and I was going there anyway for my favourite weekly outing. We would have a chat over a drink and then go our seperate way for the evening…. He suggested joining our team for the night and was a little bit put out when I said he didn’t meet our criteria – we came together out of the Widow Support Group! -but was still happy to meet me there. A reasonable plan I thought!?

Apparently not… just as I was entering the car park for the venue, my phone indicated I had received a message. My new friend decided that he would prefer to work overtime and was not going to get there. I got stood up! … and adding insult to injury, given the time of day, there was no point in me going home only to turn around and come back. It meant that I had 2 1/2 hours in the car park to stew on it. All I can say is thank goodness for the snacks left in my lunch bag and the kindle app on my phone! The friend who set us up also got a talking to!

I did ponder whether a second chance should be given, and being the nice person that I am (and with nothing else planned at that stage haha) three days later we tried again. A different venue chosen, again after work for convenience, and every assurance given that this time he would actually turn up!

I was a bit nervous… it is definitely a weird thing meeting someone that you don’t know much about – whether it’s a date set up by a friend or an online arrangement. The date was nice, conversation was easy and quite varied…and two hours passed easily enough. I’m not sure that we have a whole lot in common, but it was not an unpleasant experience. I can tell you that there will not be another date with him though… he is not really my type -and my mother has recently commented more than once or twice that I absolutely have a type! I’m also not really cut out to deal with the huge amount of baggage he was bringing along – launching immediately into the hows and why’s of his last relationship breakdown! There is a line between what’s ok and what is entirely too much!

I am definitely very open to meeting new people… whichever way that happens! It’s all part of the adventure that I’m currently living! I’ve met some incredibly interesting people, some just for a coffee, others a couple of times, and one or two that I’m really enjoying spending time with! There have of course also been the duds! There have been some hard situations and difficult conversations as I’m figuring out what I’m looking for which is also an evolving thing. Initially I thought I wanted one thing, but now I’m not so sure it fits me anymore. I’m not giving up, and on the whole I’m quite enjoying the experience – not all of which is rated for publication (haha)… so in the spirit of that thought, feel free to keep me in mind if you know someone that you think I should meet!

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