So in the vein of ‘how come this stuff happens to me’… I have a (I think quite funny) story to tell.

Recently I have been out and about socialising with different people for different things and have caught taxis and Ubers…. I know, this shouldn’t be anything new, but it is for me! In my world ‘before’, I never needed to. I would either not drink and drive myself, or Claytie was there to be the designated driver. My boys think I’m all kinds of odd about it all, and that’s ok!

Now, I’m not really sure what the protocol is for everyone else, but I like to chat with people so I usually start a conversation with my driver. Sometimes this is successful, sometimes not, and sometimes it is just straight up weird!

I have had the typical – and I do hate to stereotype – but sometimes you have to!? – Indian or Pakistani gentlemen, who are really not interested in a whole lot of conversation – perhaps language is a barrier!? These rides are a bit of a disappointment to me.. it hardly makes for a good story does it!?

I have had a ride following a music festival that got half way to home, only for my fellow passenger (you know who you are!) to realise that they had lost some property, which meant turning around to retrieve said property before starting again (motion sickness was an issue for me that time). That drive also involved a conversation/lecture about the taxi vs Uber debate… interesting!

Not so long ago, I was coming home from West End and had the most entertaining, delightful driver and we laughed the entire way home. He was flamboyantly gay, with super long manicured nails, fabulous hair and gorgeous make up… our conversation was wide ranging and super fun! I genuinely felt like I made a new friend! It was absolutely one of my favourite trips ever and I was sad when it was over!

Most recently tho, I was returning from a hens day lunch in James Street. I got in the car and said hello and the conversation started immediately. We began with politics – obvious given our recent election. The driver asked loads of questions and I had a fabulous time giving my views. He is a recently arrived (2years) permanent resident from Iran, here on a student visa wanting to become a dentist. He shared some of his story and I shared some of mine. It was enjoyable and entertaining and I was having fun until things took an interesting turn about 500m from home. He told me that the had also enjoyed our conversation and would love to continue it… on a date some time!

It seems that I am exactly his type, in spite of the 14 year age gap… I guess (?) I am flattered – he thought I looked like I was in my mid 30’s rather than late 40’s – it was dark and I had a mask on! Haha …can I say bless?!? He has followed up the initial date suggestion with several text messages, and while I admire his enthusiasm this is not a date that I will be attending.

My boys are mortified both that it happened and that I think it’s hysterical! A friend of mine now makes Uber, driving or car jokes every time I talk to her, and I just think: Wow! It’s a whole new world for me! Everyday is a new adventure and while they are not all fun, some of them absolutely make me laugh!


  1. Certainly gave me a giggle 😊


  2. Dawn says:

    😂😂😂I always chat to the drivers I’ve had some interesting conversations also

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