So this week has been huge for my family… My oldest son got married! A big thing to say, and a big day to experience – I was going to say a big day to get through, but that makes it sound like a chore and it most definitely was not that. It was incredibly happy, and bittersweet, and emotional. It had all the feels!

This day was originally supposed to happen in May 2020, but with Covid and then Claytie dying and our world imploding, everything got put on hold. Two years later, here we are! The lead up to the big day was fairly low key in our house. The boys only worked out what they were wearing the day before, with ironing of things happening right up until the last minute, and that includes the groom!

It was nice to spend the morning all together getting ready in the family home. The usual banter and crap talk between the boys, both frustrating and lovely to listen to. My anxiety around the day coming in waves, alternating laughter and tears missing Claytie but knowing he would be so incredibly proud of his boys.

We were supposed to maxi-taxi our way in to the venue, but a technological hitch meant we had to scramble two Ubers at the last minute. – entirely my fault, but it all worked out in the end… our venue for today was a beautiful restaurant in a heritage listed building in Woolloongabba, with several different spaces for us to use.

The ceremony was lovely. Simple and straightforward forward just like our couple. They both looked super happy and the bride was beautiful in her dress. A photo of Claytie as a tribute looking over the proceedings, and both mums as the witnesses for the paperwork. It was a hard thing to be there without my person, but I am so happy for my son and his lovely wife. They deserved the beautiful day that they had, and soo many more days to come!

Plenty of Family photos and then a proper party to celebrate. We were not a big group, only 30 of us there. It was lovely to chat and mingle, meeting the new family and catching up with the couples close friends from school; lots of laughing and telling of funny stories. A truly joyful time. Heartfelt words spoken by Clayties dad just before the cutting of the cake meant plenty of tears from me – certainly not the first for the day (And I was not alone with the tears either!)

I know Claytie would be so proud of our boys, and the men that they have become- I absolutely am. Times like these are incredibly bittersweet and hard to get through, but also happy and joyful and beautiful. It’s a crazy, messed up confusing world we live in, but for us today, we had a little moment of perfect. I wish my son and his wife a lifetime of love and happy memories…



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  3. Congratulations to you and the boys Robbie. It looks beautiful. Much Love RB ❤

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