So nothing about this week has gone in any way to plan. Covid 19 hit our house hard! The boys, their girlfriends and I all came down with it in varying degrees and to say it’s been miserable is something of an understatement.

Testing started on a Tuesday and was negative until Thursday when the first couple of people went down. The rest of us followed on the Saturday and almost as soon as the positive result showed up so did the full on illness. It has not been fun! Between us we have had almost all of the signs and symptoms that you hear about.. pounding headache, sinus pain, snot, coughing, chest tightness, fever and muscle aching….and of course fatigue and brain fog. Thankfully it seems that you do start to feel better around day 3-4, but be careful not to over do it… the fatigue is real!

For me, I don’t think have ever been quite so unwell. Initially I had thought I would get a whole lot of stuff done in the house – cupboard cleaning etc. A nice little week off! It turns out, I spent almost the entire week in bed and didn’t do so much as a load of washing. The ongoing rain situation that we find ourselves in (again!) made it the perfect weather for staying in bed.

The gloomy outside did come inside tho, and highlighted the feeling of aloneness that is always there since Claytie died. Don’t get me wrong, I have had plenty of offers from friends and family to help us with shopping and medication etc, all of which has been incredibly helpful and appreciated but all I have wanted this week is for my person to be here with me and give me a hug!

Feeling miserable makes you miserable, and I haven’t much liked myself this week! Hopefully now that the worst is over, life can go back to the normal that we are getting to know!

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