So Happy Easter to all of you that are part of my world! I hope the bunny found you and chocolate has been part of every meal this weekend! I’m a bit late to publishing this week because big things have happened!

Two of my very, very dear friends got married this weekend! A wedding that has been a long time coming for them, they have been together for 25years, and it was postponed twice thanks to Covid….. but in the end it was an absolutely perfect day!

I have known the family for a long time now- at least 15 years I think. We have kids that went to school and played sport together. It’s been one of those friendships that has simmered quietly in the background for years and then became something huge and super important for me after Claytie died.

We have laughed, cried and talked shit together any number of times. She comes to Karaoke with me when I can talk her into it, and any number of wine times wouldn’t have been the same without her. I’ve been accepted into their tribe and have felt so lucky to have met incredible people through them. He is an artist and made one of my very favourite pieces in memory of Claytie . Their boys are amazing and I love them like mine! – They are the best kind of good people and they deserve all the happiness in the world! Their wedding was just as unique and amazing as they are! One of the least conventional weddings I have been to and certainly one of the most fun!!

It started with drinks and wandering through an art field – with all of the pieces made by them! We had a beautifully spoken acknowledgment of country that raised goosebumps for me. The homeowners- brother and sister in law to the couple, were so gracious with their hospitality, and their property was the perfect setting!

The actual ceremony began with gorgeous nieces walking the aged Aunty (and flower girl) down to the ceremony space, while the groom played the wedding March on his guitar. The bride not very far behind with her mum and brother… so much love! The brides sister was our celebrant, so the words spoken meant much more than if a stranger were delivering them. The vows were beautiful, the bride speaking hers in Māori and then english, with not a dry eye in the place! A hand fasting completed the ceremony, and was magical.

Our Wonderland Wedding spectacular was rounded out with a jumping castle (yes I did it, no I didn’t break anything, it was sooooo much fun, although at my age you do need to be mindful of the old pelvic floor!!) we had live music – two bands (the groom and one of their boys in the first one!) an emotional acoustic performance by one of the kids friends, and a fabulous DJ. We had a burning-man bonfire, and fabulous wood fired pizza, all with the brightest, fullest moon shining down on us!

It was bittersweet going to a wedding without Claytie – and my tears at some points through the day were closer to ugly crying than just welling up! But I’m so very glad that I was able to be part of such an amazing love-filled, magical day! I wish my beautiful friends at least another 25 years of love and happiness together.. they deserve every minute!

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