So here we are at the end of another year of craziness and chaos, and it seems only right to recap some of the many new things I’ve encountered in this next that is now. There has been a whole lot! Some good, some not so good, some funny, some downright shit… but all of it new for me!

I was very lucky to have been able to do some traveling this year… a lovely long weekend with Clayties sisters down in Wollongong – time that was so important for us to spend together! An amazing trip to Uluru that touched my soul and grounded me, and left me with an insatiable desire to see more of this magical country. Whale watching and a glorious three days at one of my favourite beaches as well as countless early morning ‘salt therapy’ and meditation trips to the Gold Coast (not my favourite, but the closest one to home) reinforcing my desire to retire to the beach one day (lotto win permitting of course!).. I’m really looking forward to more trips next year – be they in Australia or overseas, alone or with friends !

I’ve also been super lucky with the people that have chosen to share my world – I have met some amazing new people, especially those from the Widow support group aka The Echo chamber of Misery. I feel like I have made some life long friends through this group (the shittiest club to be in), and they have been a godsend for good days and bad! There is always someone to talk to who gets where you’re at and doesn’t judge you for it. The girls at work have also been amazing, and I have appreciated all of the chats (both PG and R rated!) I’ll miss them hugely when I am rotated out of that position!

I’ve also had the chance to reconnect with some old friends, and their checking in on me has been the loveliest affirmation that true friends will always be there. Not so close friends have become best friends, and their acceptance and widening of their circle to include me is a whole other level of friendship that I wouldn’t trade for the world!…. I have been so very, very lucky and I appreciate everyone of these people for their role in my life – they absolutely more than make up for the ones that were not willing or able to stay for whatever reason.

The boys and I have had some pretty full on moments – health scares, new jobs, new homes, cars and all sorts of things that I wont share because that wouldn’t be fair. Suffice it to say that all of these things have brought us even closer and instigated some pretty honest conversations – often quite confronting for me. The boys and I are quite different people in so many ways, and I often question whether I’m the best/right parent for them! My anxiety and fears are often far worse than the situations require, but I’m all they’ve got, and we’re muddling through! I’m pretty sure Claytie was much more understanding and better at a lot of this stuff than I will ever be, but we’ll get there! My mantra for them is ‘Behave, be safe, be sensible and make all the right choices’ – something they should all get tattooed when I die!, and which usually gets an eye-roll response and a ‘yeah, yeah!’

Then there’s the dating thing! – an eye opening experience to be sure! Ive chatted with all manner of people and learned a whole lot about the online dating world and how I fit into it! I’ve been stood up, asked to buy groceries and offered to be the top-chick in a group scenario! I’ve learned a whole lot about peoples proclivities – which ones I’m ok with and which ones are most definitely not for me! It’s a weird and wonderful place with some incredibly interesting characters! The good, the bad and the ugly… and an occasional spark of delightfulness!

Karaoke and trivia are also new for me this year, and both have been a whole lot of fun! I’ve met some really lovely people at both and am so looking forward to more good times with them next year! Being brave and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone has really paid off with these things… I have had the best times with fabulous new and old friends who have added a whole lot of sunshine to my world! If anyone has any other suggestions for things I should try, let me know – its all part of the adventure!

My other – and possibly favourite new thing has been this blog! – Who knew that this book worm would have so much fun writing! I have absolutely enjoyed putting my thoughts on paper (so to speak)… and I’m looking forward to sharing (or perhaps over sharing?!) whatever adventures come my way in the future! I really appreciate the support that I have received from so many of you! I love the feedback and knowing how eager some of you are for new instalments!! It’s been so encouraging to know that so many of you are following this journey of the new that is next! I hope the new year brings lots of happy adventures your way and mine… xx

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